Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Perfect Body-Part I

Wednesday Night Recap-August 24, 2005
James 2:14-24

You are sitting down working on a puzzle. It has seriously taken you weeks to get close to finishing. You look up and realize that you only have 2 more empty spots for pieces. Excitement races through your fingertips. You look down in horror, realizing that you only have one piece left!


You search frantically nearby for the missing piece. You won't be satisfied until that puzzle is finished. Its nowhere near. You look under the chairs, the sofa, the tv...nothing! You're desperate and start tearing apart the couch cusions, determined to find this missing piece. You even search the litter box (ehk...but that's how important it is to you to find this missing piece!).

In James 2:14-24, James informs us of a piece of the puzzle of our lives that is VERY important. Sadly, it is a piece that many people in the body of Christ, the church, are missing. This peace is...good works.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. James isn't saying that good works save you (we'll talk about that next Wednesday night-The Perfect Body Part II-so BE THERE). What James is saying is that if the world is going to care about the faith we always talk about (and believe me we do A LOT of talking) they have to see that faith in action.

From man's perspective, the thing that is missing in the life of the church is works. The music is nice, the testimonies are nice, the Bible studies are nice. But, what about when you walk out that door and go on about your life. Is that "going on" something that will show the people around you that your faith in Jesus is a faith worth having?

Truths from James 2:14-24

Truth 1: A faith that doens't put any action behind its words is useless (v 15-16, 20)

Truth 2: The works of the body of Christ (the church...that's us!!!) show the world that there is a faith worth having.

This is the idea of the perfect body. A puzzle with a missing piece does not create a perfect picture. In the same way the body of Christ (the church...again, that's us!!!) is not perfect usless it is DOING SOMETHING in a practical everyday way to impact the world, and encourage other believers to impact the world, for CHRIST!!!

The Challenge
The challenge for you is to do something about it this school year.

Remember man's talk of your faith, but I don't see any works to prove you have your faith is dead to me without any works.

What are WE...what are YOU going to do THIS SCHOOL YEAR to prove to others that your faith in Jesus Christ alone is a faith worth having?

A Few Ideas
Here are a few ideas we talked about on Wednesday night:
  • Carry Your Bible to School
  • Walk Away from Ungodly Conversation
  • Ask People to Stop Cursing Around You
  • Help a Struggling Classmate with Homework/Studying
  • Help Out with Local Soup Kitchens, Clean Up, Elderly, etc.
  • Pass out Tracts
  • Help Someone Find a Lost Pet (basically, taking time to help when you can in any way!)
  • Share Your Lunch
  • Take Your Friends Lunch Trash to the Trash Can for them
  • Give away some of your Christian Music to Friends who Need a more positive listening experience

These are a very few ways that we can start putting in that missing piece. Think of some more. Live out your faith daily, in every small way. Then, when people ask you why you do it, share that faith...share will be more effective that way!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Congrats Team Athan Mae

Congratulations to Team Athan Mae (TAM) for their stunning come from behind victory in the H2O End of Summer Bash on August 21.

Through great team leadership, TAM overcame a large defecit halfway through the event to obliterate the competition. For their teamwork and willingness to get absolutely nastified, each team member won a $3 gift certificate to I'll Be Dipped. Enjoy the ice cream guys, as if you didn't get enough during Messy Sundae.

The winning team: Dennis Craft, Andrew Carson, Jeffery Scureman, Lora Booth, and Serena Barden.

Also, a "Nice Try" goes out to the other three teams: Re-elect Staples Sherrif, Sharkagators, and 3 Guys & 2 Girls.

It has to be noted that ketchup, mustard, ice cream, cool whip, eggs, and sweaty teenagers is not a pleasant mix on the olfactories. Anyone standing within 100 yards of the playing field Sunday night probably ran home with one hand over their mouth saying, "what is that awful smell?!?"

Hope you all enjoyed the games, the food, the slip n' slide, and the yellow jacket swarm!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's New...It's So 21st Century!

Hey Guys!!!

Welcome to the new blog for H2O Student Ministries! No, we don't have tivo, plasma hdtv, or ipods yet, but we do have a we're getting closer to the 21st Century!

Check this out every week for Announcements, Events, Pics from Events, News, Bible Study Outlines, Music Suggestions, Random Jabbering, thoughts on the Best Topping for a Hot Dog, updates on my Desperate Search for a New Friend, who's Winning and Whining in the Fantasy Football League (Me, Christie, Todd, Tracy, or Dennis) or whatever else I feel like posting!

Post your comments or questions on the Word, school, music, world events or whatever so that we can all respond.

Get the word out...Ryanerd has started a new blog for H2O!