Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year's 2007-2008

Thanks everybody for coming over to celebrate new year's with us this time around. We had a blast...possibly the most fun we've had for new year's in a while. We'll see what God has for us next year!

Remember, this year, be the church! Edifimunity is the key! Edify the community of believers and the community outside of the church and let's see what incredible things God does in 2008!

Enjoy the pictures.

The Wall

It's Time for the Spring Calendar...I can't Believe It!!!

Go ahead and put Momentum '08 on your calendar for June 22-28. It's going to cost around $200, so PLAN to ATTEND NOW! You don't want to miss this! Just ask anyone who went to Momentum '06!

27-Flood Zone Invite Night-We will be watching a video by Louis Giglio called How Great is Our God-Bring a friend...it is definitely worth seeing!

1-2-20/20 Conference at Southeastern Seminary for all Juniors and Seniors (Cost=$35)
3-Super Bowl Fellowship-Invite a Friend! The Gospel will be Presented!
10-inU Series begins at the Flood Zone
29-Girls Sleepover

March10-14-Tract Week (Hmmmm...what could this be???)
14-Man Party (This is the big one guys! Bring a friend!)
16-Flood Zone Invite Night (Bring Your Friends to Hear the Gospel)
21-Good Friday Worship
23-Easter-No Flood Zone
28-Un-Birthday Party
29-David Crowder in Concert!

7-Man Party Mini (Come watch the NCAA Basketball Championship Game)
12-Casting Crowns w/ Leeland in Concert!
19-Service Project-Serving the Church (Get Ready to Get Dirty!)
27-Flood Zone Invite Night (Bowling in South Boston)

10-Service Project-Serving the Community
18-Mother's Day-No Flood Zone
24-Pizza & Putt

22-28-Momentum '08 (Dandridge, TN) Start saving your money now! You do NOT want to miss this! (Cost-$200)