Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freshen' Up

Bible Study Recap-Sunday, December 11

What's wrong with stale food? Why don't we like to eat it? Because it has not flavor? Because the quality just isn't there? Because it doesn't excite our taste buds?

Just a food can be come stale if neglected, our prayer life can become stale if neglected. Here are 5 ways to freshen' up that prayer life of yours.

1) Prayer Closet
Have a designated spot to pray. Fill that spot with reminders of who and what to pray for (i.e. pictures of missionaries, a map of the world, pics of friends, a journal, prayer request cards)

2) Live in an Attitude of Prayer
This is the whole "pray without ceasing" thing. We have to remember how important prayer is. It's as important to our spiritual "lungs" as oxygen is to our physical lungs. We can't go through life in prayerlessness. Look for those quiet, and sometimes not so quiet moments to pray, even short prayers, for the needs around you.

3) Prayer Walk
This is an example of living in an attitude of prayer. Pray for your friends as you pass their lockers. Pray for specific individuals in the nursing home as you drive by. Pray when you hear an ambulance or fire truck drive by. Pray as you walk around the mall for the people who are focusing all the time on material goods. Pray everywhere you go.

4) Journal
Keep track of your prayers. Write them down. It will help you recognize what God is doing in your life.

5) Change up Your Prayer Posture
How many of you pray the same way all the time (sitting in a chair, laying in your bed before you go to sleep, etc.)? Have you ever heard the Holy Spirit exhorting you to kneel or even lie prostrate (face down on the floor) before your King, Jesus Christ? Try It!

God wants us to live in prayerfullness...it is our means of communication with Him and will draw us closer and closer to His heart. Don't go through life prayerlessly.

If your prayer life is stale (and you know if it is...you don't pray, you pray mostly for yourself and "things", you never "hear" a response...) begin afresh TODAY! God wants to have vibrant conversation with us. Would you go through a whole day walking with, sitting next to, and living with your best friend and never speak to them? God is with us every moment...we need to be talking to Him continually!

Revival starts with prayer, and your schools need revival...so start praying!!!

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